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"But we don't need all that!"

A line very often uttered when shopping for a high speed DSL package that's just right for your business.

That's why, at cpConnect, we're providing a no-frills, no-nonsense, basic DSL service without all the trimmings. After all, who are we to decide what you want or don't want? If our basic BusinessDSL package is adequate for your needs, then it's yours for a low monthly rate of $44.95. But if you're interested in some of those 'extras', we're giving you the flexibility to pick and choose which ones you want. So you end up with a customized DSL package that has your name on it. Now how about that?

The basic BusinessDSL package, as is, comes with the following specifications:

Up to 4Mbps Download Speed
Up to 500Kbps Upload Speed
100G Monthly Traffic

But if that isn't enough, you may consider upgrading to, or adding on, the following options:

Modem for an additional $5.00/month OR buy it for $80.00 (required if you don't already own one)
Up to 6Mbps Download Speed & up to 800Kbps Upload Speed for an additional $5.00/month
Unlimited Monthly Traffic for an additional $5.00/month
1 Static IP for an additional $15.00/month (contact us if you require multiple static IPs)
5 E-mail Accounts for an additional $5.00/month
Web Hosting for an additional $5.00/month
Dry Loop (?)A dry loop is a phone line without an active telephone service. There is no dial tone on this line and its only purpose is to provision high speed Internet access. If you order a dry loop from us, we will arrange for a technician to install it at your location, at no additional charge. The monthly fee for a dry loop starts at $20.00 and varies depending on your location. starting from $20.00/month (depending on your location)

Seem pretty straight forward? Well it is. Enter your landline phone number below to check if it qualifies.

Enter your Phone Number
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For other non-DSL high speed Internet options, please contact us. You may send us a message via our Contact page or feel free to give us a call.

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